Painting by numbers kit: Calming blue abstract Elephant

Painting by numbers kit: Calming blue abstract Elephant

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Paint the world’s largest land mammal and admire the beauty of the natural world from the comfort of your own home as you fill this canvas with the delicate colors of a majestic elephant. Simply follow the numbers and you’ll have your own masterpiece in no time, perfect to display in your own home and treasure forever. 

This Painting by numbers kit is an ideal gift for any exotic animal lover who wants to relax in nature. Each kit comes with an easy-to-read linen canvas sheet, set of paints, brushes, and image reference card. Zero previous painting skills are needed, you can go from a complete beginner to making beautiful art just by filling the canvas gaps with the corresponding pigment colors. 

Product Specifications


This product is available in a range of canvas sheet sizes:

  • 40x50cm no frame
  • 40x50cm with frame
  • 80x100cm no frame
  • 30x45cm no frame
  • 70x90cm with frame
  • 50x60cm no frame
  • 60x75cm no frame


Rainbow, black, white


  • Linen Canvas sheet
  • Propylene paint

How to use:

  • Each numbered paint pot has a corresponding canvas area.
  • Fill in the canvas gaps with the correct paint color, the paint does not need to be mixed with water.
  • Use water to wash your brush when changing between colors.
  • Wait for the canvas to dry then display it in your home! 

Additional details:

The painting outlines are colorful making them easier to see.