Painting by Numbers Kit: Autumn Flowers and Fruits with paint, brushes, canvas and wooden frame included

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Freshen up with a new creative hobby that will bring color to your day and your home. This painting kit has everything you need to enliven your home with an autumnal image of a flower bouquet in orange and yellow hues. Match it with similarly colored pillows or ornaments and it will give your living room an instant makeover! Better yet, offer it as a gift, new or after paining it, to someone special so they can be reminded of your affection every day they pass by it.

Do you accept the challenge? This pack includes the canvas, guide, paint and brushes, and, optionally a frame (DIY or an assembled one) - everything you need in order to paint and hang it on the wall. Meet your new pastime for lazy Sunday afternoons and weekday evenings.   


It makes a wonderful gift for the artsy person in your life.


The kit comes wrapped in bubble bags and a tube to avoid creasing and safely dispatched with express courier. There's an even faster delivery option if you're in a rush, for a small fee.

Attach the frame at the beginning, before painting. If unsure how to do this, you have a guide included.


Potential Gift Recipients:

- as a relationship celebration or couple gift (for weddings or as an anniversary gift, perfect for the 4th anniversary, when it’s customary to offer flowers and fruit)

- for family and siblings (sisters and brothers, son or daughter, wife or husband, mum, auntie, uncle, dad, daddy, mother in law, father in law, step mum, step dad, granny, granddad)

- for teenagers and 16th birthday

- to celebrate friendship with your closest souls, as a bridesmaid gift or friendship gift (for best friends, bestie, girl friends, boy friends)

- to celebrate religious and spiritual events


Occasions and Celebrations:

- for traditional occasions and international holidays: Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Pride Month, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving

- here are a few less known but great occasions to express affection with a thoughtful gift: International Day of Friendship (30 July), National Sisters Day (August 2nd), Qixi - Chinese Valentine's Day (25 August), Grandparents Day USA (13 September) and UK (4th October), World Kindness Day, Children's Day, Women's Day, International Day of Happiness, as a gift for teachers on World Poetry Day, Siblings Day (April 10th), World Book Day (April 23rd), International Day of Families (May 15th), Global Day of Parents (1st June) and World Environment Day (June 5th).


The kit includes:

High-quality canvas

Painting brushes

Quality paint, ideal for your canvas

Screws and wooden frame

Guide and instructions


Product Details:


-         Paint type: Oil paint

-         Canvas material: Linen

-         Frame type: Wooden, to be assembled by you (guide included)

-         The frame is optional

-         Beginner’s level to intermediate

-         Sizes available:

o        Small: 40 x 50cm / 15.8 x 20in

o        Medium: 50 x 65cm / 20 x 25.5in

o        Large: 60 x 75cm / 23.6 x 29.5in



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