The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano | Painting by Numbers | Kit with Tools

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The Singing Butler is an oil-on-canvas painting made by Scottish artist Jack Vettriano in 1992. It sold at auction in 2004 for £744,800, which was the record at the time for any Scottish painting, and for any painting ever sold in Scotland. It depicts a couple dancing on the damp sand of a beach with grey skies above a low horizon. Two attendants to the left and right, a maid and a butler hold up umbrellas against the weather. The dancers wear evening dress: a dinner jacket, and a red ball gown; the woman appears to have bare feet. The butler is also formally dressed, while the maid wears a white apron and clutches her hat.

Do you accept the challenge? This pack includes the canvas, guide, paint and brushes, and, optionally a frame (DIY or an assembled one) - everything you need in order to paint and hang it on the wall.

You can also opt-out to receive it without the frame; you will still get some bolts and screws to be able to hang it.

Meet your new pastime for Sunday afternoons and free weekday evenings.

It also makes a wonderful gift for the artsy person in your life.

The kit comes wrapped in bubble bags and a tube to avoid creasing and safely dispatched with express courier. There's an even faster delivery option if you're in a rush, for a small fee.

You are meant to attach the frame at the beginning, before painting. If unsure how to do this, please contact me - you also have a guide included.

The kit includes:

  • High-quality canvas
  • Painting brushes
  • Quality paint, ideal for your canvas
  • Screws and wooden frame

Product Specifications:

  • Paint type: Oil paint
  • Canvas type: Linen
  • Frame type: Wooden, to be assembled by you (guide included)
  • Small: 40 x 50cm / 15.8 x 20in
  • Medium: 50 x 65cm / 20 x 25.5in
  • Large: 60 x 75cm / 23.6 x 29.5in

Enjoy painting and by all means, show off your art skills here by buying this beautiful and antique art piece.


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