our story & mission

The idea behind Honey Gifts started two years ago in a kitchen, when two sisters, one in her teens, the other in her early twenties were "talking business". At some point during the conversation, the younger one confessed:

"You know what I've been thinking of for a while?... But I've no idea if and how we could do it." Then waited for a few seconds for suspense and added: "A personalized gift shop. But not just personalized like a T-shirt with your name on it: a personalized gift service."

The older sister stopped to think for a while. She had just finished her psychology degree and was still under the infulence of some heavy psychology textbooks.

"Well, maybe we could do something like a form, or a quiz where, say, the gift buyer comes to our website, answers a quiz so we can learn about the gift recipient's interest, then we offer them some three suggestions based on that. I think it could be interesting," the big sister said.

"Yeah - just imagine: it's such a hassle sometimes to buy gifts and it takes such a long time. Even I would use such a service if it existed!"

So we got started. Of course, we got very excited and had some long conversations about our overflowing ideas over the next few days... which led nowhere. Or rather, they didn't take where we thought they would. We had to think the business concept over again a couple of times before we came up with something realistic because, after all, none of us had the experience. Then we onboarded our dear friend and co-founder Monica, who had plenty of business expertise to share with us and even more creative ideas. 

After a few ups and downs, we've finally launched our website!


our team

The younger sister dropped off meanwhile, to focus on her studies because she was admitted to university... and to launch her independent Etsy store - Honey's sister store, if you wish. At the moment, our team comprises two London-based full-timers: Monica and the older (but not actually old!) sister, yours truly - Paula. However, the work behind the scenes and behind every item you view

is supported by a small team of highly skilled freelancers and our keen business partners - whom operate from different parts of the world.


about Paula

Paula got involved with Honey Gifts because she loved the idea of encouraging people to be generous by offering a creative solution to making gifts. It's equally true that her background in psychology helps read customers' minds. Somewhat. Not really. It does help her understand human needs and desires though, which is enough to get started in the gift-making business. Creativity, some entrepreneurship, a lot of hard work, and Monica are what keeps it going.


about Monica

If we were to use a metaphor, Paula would be the heart of Honey Gifts, whilst Monica would be the brains. Also, the visual designer, marketer, brand manager, accountant, and so much more. Her craftiness, entrepreneurial background, and impressive photography & design skills help bulild Honey Gifts into a gifts paradise.


our mission

We think giving gifts is just as (or dare we say... even more?) satisfying than receiving them. And it's one effective way to share some kindness.

Our mission is to inspire the world to be more generous. We want to inspire joy by encouraging our customers to make thoughtful decisions when making gifts. We live in a world where many of us are more prepared to spend $100 on a gift that will never be used, than spending 100 minutes picking gifts - and fair enough! Time is a scarce resource. 

So we're set on helping you have your cake... and eat it. Making a thoughtful gift is a process, agreed. Does it have to be a hassle though? 

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