Our roadmap

We want to revolutionize the way you buy gifts. We want to make the gift picking process the fun and satisfying experience that it should be and each order we get helps us achieve this goal. In doing so, these are the steps we laid out:


1. expanding our product portfolio

We want to provide our customers with the most beautiful, quirky, fascinating, and useful gift items available on the market. In doing so, we're liaising with suppliers around the world, hand-picking items and reviewing their quality. We ensure that our suppliers are reliable and negotiate prices with them to be able to offer our customers the best value for their money. Gifts don't have to be expensive if you do your homework.

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2. building customizable gift boxes

Think of Santa Claus's elves and you'll get the idea. Using the product portfolio we built during the first step of our plan, we'll assemble gift bundles with items that go together - such as, let's say, an exquisite faux leather notebook that goes well with an elegant fountain pen. The boxes will be customizable in the sense that you'll be able, for example, to choose the color of the notebook or that of the fountain pen. Some items might allow you to engrave the recipient's name or a message. We'll pair that with a fitting box and matching gift wrapping paper and you'll be able to choose between having it wrapped by us or wrapping it yourself (in case you want to add something to the box before wrapping).


3. introducing the gift picking service

Since we've already compared ourselves with Santa's grotto, in the same vein - what if we had a way to know what your gift recipient wants? Now, while we might not get letters sent to us with their wishes, we plan to build something just as effective. All you will have to do will be to complete a quiz about the gift recipient's interests and preferences and we'll figure out what gifts the recipient might like. We'll give you, the buyer, a few gift suggestions to choose from and voila, everything done in a matter of minutes. 


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