A scientific approach to making gifts this Christmas

A scientific approach to making gifts this Christmas

Nov 06 , 2021


Paula Baciu

I have a solid experience in buying crappy gifts. Don't laugh, about 90% of the planet has the same experience: buying gifts that no one will end up using just for the sake of spending money on gifts. You'd think you will get better with time but it seems, gift-making is not that kind of experience. No matter how long you've been making gifts for - a few months or a few decades; no matter whose budget you're using - yours, your grandma's or your parent's; and no matter whom you're buying for - buying gifts never seems to get easier.

This year, I changed the approach. I thought to myself, if I'm using data, science, and statistics in every other thing I do, why shouldn't I do the same when buying Christmas gifts? 

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